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  • Jim Hoadley, LPC

Myths About Anger

At Austin Anger Management, we explore a deeper understanding about why we get angry. These six myths are important to understand:

Austin Anger Management | Jim Hoadley | The Relationship of Anger to Addiction

Six Myths about Anger

1. My anger is caused by someone other than myself. If I make other people the cause of my anger I give power over myself to others. When I speak calmly about my feelings, needs, and wants I take back my power.

2. If people didn’t provoke me I wouldn’t lose my temper. No one can make me act in an angry way without my permission.

3. Getting angry is healthy and leads to a reduction of tension or “clearing the air”. When I get angry bad things happen and there is a great deal of collateral damage that takes days, weeks, months or even years to heal.

4. Anger turned inward leads to depression so expressing anger is healthy. Expressing anger in aggressive or hurtful ways leads to more anger and a downward spiral of negativity as well as negative consequences to my relationships.

5. Someone has wronged me and I deserve to get angry. Getting angry just makes the situation worse. Either the situation escalates or the other person backs down out of fear and builds resentment that comes out later.

6. If I don’t get angry when provoked, I’m weak. Staying calm is a superpower. If I am able to stay calm any situation is more likely to turn out better.

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